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Chemise homme beige toile de coton Fursac - 22EH3VILI-VH08/08

Men's Accessories

Because being chic is all in the details, it’s often necessary to perfect an already well-studied silhouette by adding the crucial, often wrongfully perceived as trifling, element to make all the difference. You will undoubtedly find the men’s accessory that your suit is crying out for here in the Fursac collection. Whether it’s a men’s belt, cufflinks, a men’s scarf, a tie pin, an ascot scarf, a pocket square, a men’s scarf for the coldest times of year, a men’s bow tie for the most formal, a lavallière or ascot tie, the brand offers a whole host of pieces destined to become the finishing touch to your look. In silk or in cashmere, the men’s fabric accessories will add extra elegance to your silhouette. Likewise for the pieces in metal such as the cufflinks or the tie pins in rhodium (a rare stainless shiny metal related to platinum).


While the man’s accessory is a detail in itself, it is vital to choose judiciously and to wear it properly so it doesn’t lose its lustre. So a pin tie, for example, shouldn’t be worn too high. Take care to attach it horizontally on the same level as the solar plexus, and be sure that it isn’t as wide as your tie. Your suit’s pocket square can be folded in two ways: as a rectangle to achieve a “clean” edge or with a prominent peak in the style of John F. Kennedy. And as with the ties, a box will be given to you for every accessory purchase made in the e-boutique.