In December 2021, De Rrusie's solo exhibition “The first but twice” was held at Fursac Richelieu flagship.

De Rrusie is one of the finest emerging voices of his generation. His paintings are an emotional response to what he perceives to be the decay of our civilization and a loss of beauty. By working in situ in places that inspire him aesthetically, he creates spectacular abstract works, often with ex-libris details that are at once a hymn to the past and a jazzy riff on the present.

Seizing upon historical material such as architectural drawings and trade receipts, De Rrusie’s resolutely archival process is an investigation into the styles of the past. Working late into the night, often accompanied by music, his practice is an unashamedly romantic process that yearns for the beauty of the pre-Modern era from our fragmented and disposable Postmodern world.