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The return of the men's double-breasted suit

Unlike single-breasted suit jackets, the men's double-breasted suit jacket is designed with an overlapping lapel. Tighter at the waist and longer than a traditional suit jacket, the men's double-breasted suit jacket is an essential part of the Fursac man's business wardrobe. Extremely popular until the 1950s, it is now making a sensational comeback. 

Discover our plain, striped and patterned men's double-breasted suits: Fursac men's tailored suits are perfect for creating elegant, timeless and immaculate looks.


How should you wear a men's double-breasted suit?

Like classic suits, the men's double-breasted suit is usually worn with a button-down shirt, a tie and some leather shoes. However, the Fursac man will also enjoy mixing things up by keeping his look casual, or by opting for a roll neck or round neck jumper to go with his suit in cooler weather. 

When sitting down, feel free to wear your men's suit jacket open. While standing up, always button your double-breasted suit jacket to prevent it from flapping and widening the look of your waist. 


Fursac and the art of tailoring

At Fursac, we're driven by our desire to create high-quality garments. We therefore opt for a semi-classical style for all our pieces. Wool and horsehair sewn into lapels, minimal use of iron-on patches, shoulder pads and bands made from natural materials: finishes such as these on our men's tailored suits provide the Fursac man with an incredibly smart style, as well as extra support and suppleness. In our stores or online, our experts look forward to helping you find the right length, color and style for your new suit.