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Chemise homme bleu popeline de coton Fursac - H3ADAV-CH03-D004

Men's Trousers

If a man’s trousers don’t determine a look, but suggest a mood or dressily complete an outfit, then they are not up to par and will instantly diminish any attempts at elegance. To ensure that your men’s trousers aren’t the enemy of style, Fursac provides you with ideas from its wardrobe in order to satisfy yours.

Starting with separable men’s suit trousers do be aware that their matching jackets are to be found in the jackets section. There is nothing simpler for complimenting a pair of men’s (navy) blue trousers or men’s black trousers. If you’re going on holiday, away for the weekend or just in a laid-back mood, then opt for a casual item, like a pair of men’s chino trousers, a pair of jeans, trousers in corduroy or tweed, a pair of men’s cotton trousers, and go for lighter colours (a pair of men’s grey trousers covers every occasion). If the temperature drops think wool trousers or a woollen flannel and cashmere, a virgin wool or straight flannel. The more choices you have, the better life is.

The Fursac men’s trousers are fashioned from noble fabrics developed by Larus Miani or Pontoglio, well-appointed references in Italian and international luxury imbued with history, just like the pieces chosen by Fursac. The chino trousers for example were originally worn by English soldiers in Indian outposts before being adopted by the American army and then popularised on the campuses of US universities.. In terms of silhouette be aware that when it comes to men’s trousers, balance is primordial. Take an objective look at your measurements, don’t confuse a narrow cut trouser with one that is skinny, and decide on the position of your trouser hem based on your taste. Some people like to reveal their ankles; others prefer trousers than break on their shoes. Only you can decide. Fitted and yet comfortable, the Fursac men’s trousers can be adjusted according to leg length and personal preferences. These alterations are free of charge in store, outside promotional periods.